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Alphison by Dennis Krull

$55.56 - $131.94
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This eclectic, full color print features the outline of a bison—another famous icon associated with Fargo, ND (also referred to as Bison Nation)—and what Fargo / Moorhead artist Dennis Krull refers to as "Alphotory". Each of the letters within the Bison are from signage associated with businesses that were established in the Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN area. 

The notable contrasts in color and style, along with the local historical theme in this print make for an eye-catching addition to any room. Print measures 20"H x 30"W. 

Choose from a variety of substrates for your full color print:

  • Silver Poly-metal (1/8" thick): Silver metal face with a plastic core for a more contemporary, muted look
  • Maple Wood (3/4" thick): A grain from the wood will run throughout the photo giving it a more natural look
  • White Foamcore (3/16" thick): White paper face with foam core for a vibrant depiction of color

   Dennis Krull Artwork