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  1. A Gift for All Occasions, Meet the New Lineup of Fargo Stuff Gift Baskets

    We’ve all been there. Scrambling to find a last minute….birthday present, housewarming gift, wedding present, care package, you name it, most of us have done the chaotic scramble. Which usually ends in some cheaply packaged, overpriced gift that has us wishing we could just write “from: anonymous”.

    But what if we told you there was a better way? A way to make that friend feel so special on their birthday, or something to make that couple feel loved on their big day, or a way to make your kids at college feel a little closer to home? Ask and you shall receive.

    Over the last few months, the Fargo Stuff team has slowly been putting together a series of gift baskets for moments just like those mentioned above. We’ve designed a thoughtfully curated box of local goodies that are the perfect solution to those last minute gift-giving woes.

    With items like 20 Below Coffee, Dots Pretzels, Three Bears Honey, Fargo hats, tees and glassware, we’re pretty confident there’s a basket out there for everyone. So, without further ado, we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to our five Fargo gift baskets….plus a new one!

    The Fargo Sweet Tooth: Get a taste of our favorite go-to treats in this Fargo Sweet Tooth basket featuring a variety of locally made and sold treats including gummies, honey, seasoned home-style pretzels, and coffee. Enjoy the coffee in a green I Love Fargo Mug and sport a comfy "Drink Local" Fargo tee while out on the town!

    The Fargo Cold: This Fargo Cold Gift Basket contains five wonderful locally made items that will not disappoint. Snacks, coffee, drink ware and a comfy Fargo Sweater tee - what more could you need?

    The Places You’ll Farg-Go: Of all of the places you will go, Fargo is sure to leave an impression! Our Places You'll FAR-Go Gift Basket has an array of favorite local treats along with a white Moscow London Paris Fargo tee and a black GO FAR yeti-style travel mug.

    The Stereotypical Fargoan: This Stereotypical Fargoan Basket is loaded with classic favorites the Fargo locals enjoy—delicious snacks and coffee manufactured in North Dakota, a humorous tee filled with Fargo stereotypes, and a pint glass proclaiming our love for beer here in Fargo, ND.

    The Infamous Fargo Theatre: The infamous Fargo Theatre Basket is a glimpse into the life of a local. It includes a variety of North Dakota made snacks, coffee, and a Fargo theatre themed tee and coffee mug. The true Fargo experience!

    And last but not least, we’re so excited to introduce to you our newest basket on the block, the build-your-own basket! Sure, we think we’re pretty smart and all, but we get it….we don’t know everything. So this is your chance to create the gift basket of your dreams if you’re just not quite seein’ what you want with our pre-assembled gift baskets. Find out how to build your own basket here

    So what are you waiting for? It’s never too early to start stockpiling Christmas presents….right?! Use the code BASKET10 and get 10% off your gift basket purchase today through the end of August.

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  2. How to Live Like a Fargo Local

    Fargo. Not really a place that comes to mind when you think of a tourist town, but wow what a place to live and thrive in as a local. With a calendar full of events (year-round) and countless ways to get involved, life as a local in Fargo can only be described as something out of a Hallmark movie at times. The baristas know your name, you wave to friendly faces on the street, parades roll through town at all times of the year and there is regularly a line down the block for the local Dairy Queen.

    A while back, we shared some of our favorite ways to explore Fargo like a tourist, but today, we wanted to share with you how to live like a local. So friends, get ready to immerse yourself in the culture that makes this such a sweet place to call home. 

    Head to the Red River Market

    Whether you’re looking for some fresh veggies, hot coffee, hand-picked flowers, delicious baked goods or just to meet some new friends….this is the place to find out what local living is all about.

    Shake some hands at One Million Cups

    One of our favorite ways to get involved is to head to the Stage at Island Park once a week and hear from some of the region’s best and brightest as they offer an in depth look at a business they’ve started or an idea they’re dreaming of. With ample amount 20 Below Coffee and inspiration to go around, this might just be our favorite way to start the day.

    Take a lunchbreak stroll down Broadway

    Some days, it’s hard to walk down Broadway without seeing a handful of familiar faces doing the same lunchbreak stroll. We love the chance to see a friendly face as we stretch our legs mid-day and it doesn’t hurt that Broadway offers all sorts of delicious treats and snacks in just a few short blocks.

    Grab your afternoon pick me up at the coffee shop that knows you by name

    We admit, our 3pm routine used to be hopping in the car to jet to Starbucks for an afternoon treat, but lately we’ve traded that in for a quick stop at one of our many local coffee shops to grab an iced coffee while catching up with the barista….who more than likely remembers us by name. Now that is way better than Starbucks.

    Pick some produce at the public garden

    Yep, you read that right. Need some fresh tomatoes for tonight’s salad? If you can find ‘em, you can pick ‘em! The little corner by the fire station on Roberts has a garden maintaned by various groups around town and the produce? Completely yours for the taking. Enjoy!

    Grab a post-work treat at the Moorhead Dairy Queen

    Sure, we love a good happy hour, but we’ve gotta admit we just get such a better buzz from a big ‘ol blizzard from our friends over at Dairy Queen. This one of a kind DQ has roots that go waaaay back plus some of the cheeriest workers we’ve ever met. So on know where to find us.

    Rep your city with a tee that says it all

    Of course we couldn’t help but mention this one….with over 30 unique designs to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone. But we must admit that our personal favorite has to be the Fargo Stereotypes tee, talk about a good laugh!!

    Well, that’s it for now. These are just a few of the ways we like to “live like a local” here in Fargo! Now get out there and enjoy this beautiful place we call home!

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  3. Staying Cool in the Heat of Summer

    A few months ago, I think we all had a moment where we wondered if it would ever get warm again...or maybe that was just us? Now, in the thick of a hot and sticky summer, we’d do just about anything for an ice cream cone and a cool lake to jump into. Seriously though, Midwest summer is no joke. Today, we’re rounding up our favorite ways to savor summer while still keeping our cool.

    Hit the lakes

    This one is a pretty obvious choice for anyone who has spent any time in the area. With over 10,000 lakes to choose from, we love packing our bags up for a weekend at the lake in Minnesota. Find your lake today:

    Head to Buffalo River State Park

    On days when the lakes just seem too far away, we love to pack a picnic and head over to Buffalo State Park. Only a 25 minute drive from downtown, this park boasts miles of trails to be explored, a campground just waiting for your tent and a filtered, sandy pool ready for the kids...or adults, to splash around in. See all the the park has to offer:

    Grab a cone at the iconic Moorhead Dairy Queen

    Is there anything more quintessential in the summer than an ice cream cone from DQ? We think not. And with the newly coined title of “Small Business of the Year” by the Chamber, this is one sweets habit we can absolutely feel good about. Read the story behind a Red River Valley favorite here:

    Throw on your trunks & head to the pool

    With nearly ten public pools and splash pads to choose from within a 20 minute drive, there’s really no excuse not to pack a lunch and hit the pool for the day. Check out your options here:

    Retreat to the A/C & explore The Plains Art Museum

    Some days are just too hot. We really never thought we’d say that, but it’s true, some summer days are just better spent indoors. Plains Art Museum is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Find out hours, admission fees and class schedules here:

    Brave the heat & hit the streets

    This week, you can find us on Broadway slinging t-shirts, mugs and all things Fargo. We’re so excited to share that Fargo Stuff will have a booth at the street fair for the first time, ever. Stop by and say hi! We’ll be located at the corner of Broadway & 6th, so come find us! Get all your need to know info here:

    Get all your local ingredients at the Red River Market

    After a long, hot day we love cooling off with a delicious cocktail made with fresh herbs paired with our favorite veggies from the farmers market. Get the latest info on the market here:

    Photo via Red River Market

    Pack up your hammock & join the fun on Sway Day

    After seeing huge success last year, Sway Day returns to Fargo once again. Grab your buds and head to Island Park for what’s sure to be the most Instagrammable event of your entire summer. Get all the details here:

    Feel Like a Kid Again at the Red River Valley Fair

    Corn dogs, funnel cake, and country music. Now this is summer. There’s just something so nostalgic about the county fair. It brings back all those memories of sticky fingers from too much cotton candy and dirty feet from running around the dusty fairgrounds. See what it's all about here:

    Well folks, there ya have it. Our favorite ways to enjoy the summer around the Red River Valley. Tell us in the comments below what your favorite summer activity is!

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  4. The Best Places to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Fargo

    Here at Fargo Stuff, we’re gearing up for one of our favorite holidays, because, well….TACOS. But in all seriousness, for as far north as the Red River Valley is, this area sure does know how to make some good tacos and some strong margaritas. Today, we’re breaking down the best places in town to celebrate your love for chips and salsa, margaritas and tacos...or all the above. Check out our favorite places to sip on an ice cold marg and consume our weight in tortilla chips.

    Vinyl Taco: It seems like this hot-spot is never not busy. And rightfully so! They make some pretty amazing tacos and have no shortage of blended margaritas to go around.

    Tacos Bros: Fact: Mexican food tastes better out of a truck. But really! Taco Bros has quickly become known for their authentic, Mexican street food and is truly a local favorite by all standards. Our personal favorite? The veggie tostada. YUM.

    Mangos: This casual spot is family owned and has been deemed some of the most authentic Mexican around. Their long tables and shareable plates make this the perfect place for a post-work margarita with coworkers.

    Romo’s Tacos: If you don’t know where this little spot is, you might miss it. But this hidden gem is so worth the hunt. The best part? It’s centrally located downtown, making it a great spot for some quick tacos during your lunch break.

    Sweeto Burrito: You’ve never really had a burrito ‘till you’ve had one from Sweeto Burrito. This place is literally what burrito dreams are made of. Just make sure you wear your stretchy pants...

    Mexican Village: We must admit, we get a little bit too excited when the chips are brought out at Mexican Village….crunchy, fresh and delicious. This classic Mexican restaurant is a hit among locals for a good reason!

    Paradiso: With festive decor and great service, this is the perfect spot for a family outing.  We’ve heard their sangria and guacamole are a must try!

    Acupulco: Hot chips and even hotter salsa?! What’s not to love? This family-owned eatery is bright and colorful inside and has some of the cheesiest enchiladas we’ve ever tried.

    Feeling less adventurous? In a hurry? Grab something special from Chipotle, Qdoba or Taco John’s and still celebrate!

    Happy weekend and Happy Cinco de Mayo from all of us at Fargo Stuff! May your weekend be full of tacos, lots of tacos.

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  5. A City Girl's Guide to Shopping in Fargo

    I like to think of myself as a small-town kind of gal, but in all reality, living just outside of LA for five years and Seattle for almost two, really changed that. I still love small towns, but I’ve come to realize that I also really like having options. So I admit, I was pretty devastated as I packed up my little apartment and left behind my Seattle bubble that included Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Anthropologie, REI, Madewell and Lululemon. Did I mention all of these shops were within a 10 minute drive from my place? And now, well, they’re all over 250 miles away...but I guess it could be worse, right?

    Anyway, when I first moved to Fargo, I was at a total loss as to where I’d 1) buy my groceries 2) buy my clothes and 3) buy that random Nalgene water bottle that I just had to have. So in true optimist fashion, I set out to make the most of my new town. And well, I was pleasantly surprised. So, it only seemed like the “North Dakota nice” thing to do would be to share my findings with y’all.

    Natural Grocers: Think Whole Foods meets Trader Joe's meets Sprouts. This is my go-to spot for those ingredients that I just know Hornbacher’s or Target isn’t going to have. Plus, they’re always stocked on my favorite almond milk and have the cheapest free-range eggs in all of Fargo. Did I mention their amazing selection of vitamins, supplements and natural beauty products? Yeah, you can usually find me here at least once a week.

    Mint + Basil: If Anthropologie Home and Williams Sonoma had a baby, it would be Mint + Basil. From the big, bright windows to the cozy interior (complete with a velvet couch!) this spot is my little haven. They carry a wide variety of home decor, kitchen goodies, and some of the most amazing candles you’ll ever smell. And did we mention the pink Le Creuset? 

    White House Co.: Antique malls stress me out big time. Thank goodness, this is not that. Instead, when you walk into this sweet, little space, you’ll find a curated selection of antiques and vintage treasures. And an added bonus? The florist shop on the other side of the wall and they’re right next to one of our favorite coffee shops, 20 Below.

    Fowlers Heritage Company: With a small selection of curated goods; ranging from classic pieces to trendy accessories, Fowler’s is a must-see for anyone looking for something that’s far from run-of-the-mill. And we can’t forget to mention the oil, vinegar and cheese store on the other side of their store...YUM.

    Outermost Layer: When I find myself desperately missing my beloved REI, this is the local spot you’ll find me. Sure, it might be a tad bit smaller than your average outdoor store, but they still have a fantastic selection of items ranging from Patagonia to North Face to Marmot and beyond. And we can't forget about the running store that shares a wall with these folks.

    Proper & Prim: A little bit Anthropologie, a little bit Urban Outfitters; this adorable little spot has something for just about any occasion. Whether it’s your best friends wedding, a girls night out, or date night with your significant other, they’ve got you covered.

    Others: If Whole Foods had a clothing store, this would be it. With 100% of their profits being donated and all of their products being fair trade, this unique, little shop is a pretty special part of Fargo. From hand-sewn clothing that benefits women in different countries to sweet, little onesies for your babe, Others is a must see for sure.

    So, what are you waiting for?! It's a beautiful day to get out there & check out what this little town has to offer! Let us know your favorite Fargo shops in the comments below! 

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  6. From Lefse to Kuchen; North Dakota Food Traditions

    Since moving to North Dakota, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of German and Scandinavian inspired Midwestern dishes. Gone are my days of Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and regular visits to the local farmers market. You might’ve heard, but it’s a little cold up here….meaning that our produce selection mid-winter can look pretty bleak. But, where there is a shortage of fresh fruit and veggies, there is definitely no shortage of a thing called hotdish, a fish pickled in lye (is that safe?) and a few other things that seem a bit wacky to this former west-coaster. So out of staters, this if for you….let’s dig into what food makes North Dakota, well, North Dakota.

    Hotdish: A classic midwestern dish, this North Dakotan version of a casserole is loaded up with the good stuff. Whether it’s tater tots and bacon, ground beef and macaroni or a magical combination of other comfort foods, this is the perfect meal for those chilly winter nights or those backyard summer BBQ’s.

    Bison: Blame it on the North Dakota State University Bison, but just about every burger joint in town has bison on their menu. For something a bit different, try bison brats on your next camping trip or at your neighborhood cookout.

    Lutefisk: Upon moving to North Dakota, I was immediately told that if anyone ever offered me lutefisk, they probably didn’t like me. Needless to say, this is one thing that I’ve (luckily) not been offered yet. But this aged stockfish is well loved by many North Dakotans. With a gelatin-like texture, we’re thinking we might just stick with Jell-O…

    Kuchen: Basically the German word for cake, afternoon kuchen and coffee is a popular German tradition that lives on in North Dakota. With both sweet and savory options and several different varieties, there’s a kuchen for everyone. Now we like that sound of that…

    Fleischkuekle: Similar to what I’d call a pot-pie, fleischkuekle is a doughy, meat pie that is seen mostly in the Dakotas. Add ketchup and cheese and this is one meal that’ll be sure to keep you full all winter long.

    Knoephla Soup: This thick and creamy soup is often made out of chicken and potatoes with a generous serving of dumplings (or knoephla as they’re typically called!) This German dish can be found throughout the Dakotas as well as Minnesota.

    Lefse: When I told my coworkers I’d never tried lefse (nor did I know what it even was) they were shocked. This traditional Norwegian flatbread is made from potatoes, flour, butter, and milk or cream. Best served fresh with butter, sugar, and jam. I think this is something I can get on board with.

    Krumkake: Not to be confused with crumb cake, these sweet, waffle-like cookies are made of flour, sugar, butter, eggs and cream and then cooked on a special griddle before being rolled into small cones and then filled with a number of delicious fillings.

    Well, are you hungry yet? I know I am…. Now tell us, what’s your favorite midwestern food? Let us know in the comments below! And, for your viewing's a bunch of Texans trying to pronounce North Dakota food names.... 

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  7. Embracing the In-Between; How to Enjoy the Transition of Winter to Spring

    Ahhhh spring has sprung….trees are blooming, flowers are growing, birds are chirping. Oh wait, sorry guys, that’s in the south. Up north, we’re still chipping ice off of our windshields some mornings and heading to work wearing multiple layers. It’s a weird season out here in Fargo, one day it can be 60 degrees and sunny, but in the blink of an eye the wind picks up, the mercury dips and we find ourselves back in our long johns and snowboots. Oh the pain of it all! As a North Dakota newbie, I’m learning to embrace this season of in-between and while I’m counting down the days until things start blooming well, I definitely won’t be packing away my Sorel’s just yet.

    As I mentioned, I’m a total North Dakota newb so this whole “winter-lasts-six-months-or-longer” thing is kind of foreign to me. But in order to keep the all too common winter blues from hijacking my spring, I made a spring bucket list for this in-between season in the upper midwest. So, without further ado, enter into this challenge at your own risk...and be sure to bring your parka and maybe some sandals, too. Ya never know what you’re gonna get out here in North Dakota, do ya?!

    Get to spring cleaning. Open those windows, breathe in the probably freezing air and get to scrubbin’. Kick off the season with a clean slate, literally. Plus, how nice does it feel to stop breathing recycled air for a change?!

    Pack away your winter coat....maybe. Yikes. What? Yeah we know, it’s still kind of cold. But the second we decided to pack away our parkas and winter boots, we felt lighter...literally. That stuff weighs like 10 pounds (at least.)

    Buy fresh flowers. Nothing says spring quite like something blooming. So grab some blooms at the grocery store and wait for the instant mood boost.

    Eat your lunch outside. Sure, you might need to pack a blanket….but soak in that Vitamin D and venture outside on your lunch break. Wash your car. Guys. it’s time to remember what color your car really is.

    Head to opening day. What’s better than a day at the diamond? Grab your baseball hat and snag a seat at Target Field. (Psssst….Opening Day is April 3rd!)

    Rearrange your house. The changing of seasons is the perfect time redecorate. Need some inspiration? Head to the Eco Chic Design Conference and you’re sure to find that creative spark you were looking for.

    We're only just getting started with our spring to-do list...have an idea we should add? Send it our way! Want to join us in checking off our list? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  8. Drink Local: Our Favorite Fargo Breweries

    Last week on the blog, we shared our favorite coffee shops around Fargo. And if there is one thing we love around here as much as we love’s beer. Luckily, the Fargo / Moorhead area has some absolutely incredible breweries. So of course...we had to share. 

    Drekker Brewing Company: Located just a short walk from our downtown office, you better believe that we find ourselves here at least once a week. With a live music on weekends and a bags league on Mondays and Tuesdays, there’s sure to always be something going on at Drekker. Don’t forget to try their Grilled’s the best we’ve ever had!!

    (Photo via

    Fargo Brewing Company: The original pioneer of Fargo breweries, Fargo Brewing Company has a lot to offer. With a taproom located just north of downtown and a newly opened ale house in West Fargo, they’ve really got something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to grab a beer and play some games, hit the yoga mat with your gal pals, snack on apps while you play trivia with your work buddies or head out on a low-key date with your spouse, Fargo Brewing does not disappoint.

    (Photo via

    Junkyard Brewing Company: Right across the Red River, you’ll find a well-known, local spot that’s busting at the seams on a nice summer day. Considered a “nano-brewery”, Junkyard offers 10 different taps that rotate on a weekly basis. With live music every night and the occasional food truck hanging out around the corner, this is the summer spot.

    (Photo via

    Kilstone Brewing: The ever expanding beer scene in Fargo / Moorhead welcomed this north Fargo brewing company to the scene two years ago this month. With live music, a weekly game night and happy hour, Kilstone is the perfect post-work spot to toss one back. Get ready for summer with their signature Watermelon Wheat, YUM!

    (Photo via 

    Flatland Brewery: Trivia, beer, live music...oh my! The newest of the bunch, Flatland Brewery popped up in the Red River Valley last July after four friends decided it was time to take a longtime hobby to the next level. With a focus on variety and creative seasonals, Flatland is anything but, well, flat.

    (Photo via

    Prairie Bros Brewing: Though not open to the public yet, this is sure to be a hot spot this summer. With some super cute kiddos that we’re deeming the Prairie Bros mascots and some tasty sounding beers in the works, this is one spot we can’t wait to try!

    Drumconrath Brewing Company: Just a short drive west on 94 will land you in the small town of Mapleton where Drumconrath Brewing Company is working hard to get their doors open to the public. Slated to have a ‘rural Irish pub’ feel, we’re tapping our toes excitedly as we wait for their grand opening.

    "From the start, we've used beer to bond with friends and make up with enemies, toast our accomplishments and drown our sorrows, honor our gods and forget our troubles. Beer has been high class and low brow, sacred and profane, rustic sustenance and a rare treat. Beer tells us how far we've come and how little we've changed. Stories about ritual and transformation, about place and identity, about politics and religion. Stories, above all, about community--about how beer, varied as it is, has nonetheless always brought us together." -William Bostwick

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  9. Introducing Fargo Flavors

    We’ve been rounding up some of our favorite snacks and goodies from around North Dakota and Minnesota and we just couldn’t wait to share!! Introducing Fargo Flavors; the best way to shop your favorite NoDak goods, right from the comfort of your couch. It is our hope that this will serve as an opportunity to share some of the amazing goods that come out of this area. We’ll be partnering with some local brands that we really love and hoping to share these brands with our friends near and far.

    Three Bears Honey Co. // For over 35 years, this family owned company has provided some of the best pure, unfiltered honey the Red River Valley has to offer. We’re beyond thrilled to be offering this sweet treat at Fargo Stuff!

    Dot’s Pretzels // What started as a homemade family snack is known a pantry staple in most North Dakota homes and a fan favorite around our office. This is one snack that’s sure to fly off our shelves.


    Twenty Below Coffee Co. // We think everyone around Fargo knows we kind of have a crush on coffee. While we try not to pick favorites, we’ve gotta say that this may be some of the best coffee we’ve ever tasted. We are so pleased to soon offer locally brewed Twenty Below Coffee right here at Fargo Stuff!

    We are so excited to share some of our favorite North Dakota goods with the Fargo Stuff community! Our new products will be going live next week, so keep your eyes out on social media for the announcement! Have an idea for something we should feature in our shop? Let us know below!

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  10. Our Favorite Coffee Shops Around Fargo

    If you know us even a little bit, you know how much we love coffee. You could say it’s a pretty serious relationship. Having so many different coffee mugs and travelers on our shelves gives us a great excuse to drink more coffee…..right?

    Anyway, we want you to know just how seriously we take our coffee around here. As a native Seattle-ite, I had high expectations for my coffee when I first moved out here, and what I’ve found are coffee shops that rival some of the best coffee shops I’ve ever sipped my morning joe from. The atmosphere of many of the coffee shops around Fargo is warm and cozy with a friendly dose of “North Dakota nice” ...something that Seattle really just can’t boast of. I really can’t pick a favorite, but if I had to, I’d have to say Babb’s Coffee House is really onto something with their Seattle-esque decor. It makes this new midwesterner feel a little closer to home on those days where the mountains feel extra far away.

    But to be fair, every coffee shop I’ve been in so far really has something unique to I figured it only made sense that we would introduce you to our favorite coffee shops around town...that is, if you haven’t already met them.

    Twenty Below: Ahhh where to begin, this little slice of heaven is a local favorite and for a very good reason. With a warm, almost candlelight glow setting the mood, you instantly feel a little more relaxed every time you walk into Twenty Below. Not to mention the friendly baristas who somehow always manage to remember your name. With long picnic style tables, cozy couches, bar top seating and additional tables scattered around, this is the perfect spot for just about anyone; be it the businessman preparing for a meeting, the casual coffee date, the studious student or the coffee connoisseur, we think Twenty Below really has it all. And don’t even get us started on their toast….

    Youngblood: Right around the corner from Twenty Below, you’ll find Youngblood Coffee Co. Run by one of the sweetest couples you’ll ever meet, the all white walls and decor are perfect for those winter days when it feels like you might never see the sun again. We love the simplicity of this setting and find this to be the perfect spot for creatives seeking a quiet refuge. PS -- their mocha is to die for!!

    Babb’s Coffee House: Oh sweet Babb’s. You had me as soon as I walked through your doors and was greeted by a Seattle scene on just about every single wall. With a cozy environment, plenty of seating and a wide array of drinks and meals to choose from, this is the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning. And if you wait for a rainy day, you can really experience the PNW vibe this little spot has to offer. Also, Trader Joe’s lovers rejoice...they have cookie butter coffee syrup. Yum.

    Red Raven Espresso Parlor: Two words: back patio. If you haven’t been to Red Raven, it’s a total must-see. On a warm day, their patio is everyone’s favorite spot and for a very good reason; it gives a cool, city vibe that is sometimes hard to find in the Midwest. On cooler days, head inside for live music, art shows and the occasional home cooked meal. Need we say more?

    Bean’s Coffee Bar: Who doesn’t love a cute little (fresh) donut on the lid of their coffee? That’s one thing we’ll never turn down. Not to mention their delicious roast of coffee, convenient locations and drive through...for those days when it’s 30 below and getting out of your car is just not an option.

    Red River Coffee Co: Shoutout to my wayyyy south Fargoans, this one’s for you. This neat little spot is the perfect after-school hangout, post workout pick me up or after dinner game zone. With a whole case full of yummy goodies made in house, seating galore, a drive thru and a huge selection of games to choose from this spot is sure to please everyone in the family.

    Nichole’s Fine Pastry: If I had a dollar for every time I heard a story about the history of Nichole’s, I might be able to actually finally afford one of their fancy chocolates. This sweet little spot (no pun intended, we promise) is nestled right on the edge of an up and coming part of town and boasts a ton of cute shops right down the sidewalk. We could go on and on about their delicious handmade pastries, their gourmet breakfast and lunch selections and their artfully crafted lattes...but we don’t want to make you start drooling.

    Sandy’s Donuts: Here at the Fargo Stuff office, we get Sandy’s Donuts every other Friday. Yeah, we’re spoiled. Though we haven’t tried their coffee….the donuts alone could make Folgers taste like a million bucks.

    So there you have it folks! Our roundup of coffee shops in Fargo….we admit, we have a bit of a soft spot for caffeine. Did we miss one? Well, pardon our manners...but I’m still new around here, drop me a line in the comments below with your favorite coffee shop! Stay caffeinated, Fargo.

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