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  1. New Products at the Downtown Fargo StreetFair!

    For the next three days, you can find the faces behind FargoStuff and all the goodies that come with it on the corner of 3rd St. N. and 4 Ave. N. Why? For the Downtown Fargo StreetFair, of course!


    At this year’s StreetFair, you’ll find all of our most popular products offered at great prices. Not only that, but we have brand new inventory to show you! Designed by some of our favorite local artists, be sure to stop by to be one of the firsts to purchase a Fargo original! Below are a few of the products you can find.





    FargoStuff will be at the same spot each day, Thursday through Saturday (19th - 21st)! Our tent opens at 10:00 am each day, closing at 9:00 pm both Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, we’ll be open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Plenty of time to take advantage of our deals and check out our new inventory! And, since you're a loyal customer, we'll give you 15% off your purchase when you come to our tent! All you need to say is "SECRET CODE," and you'll get the discount. See? It pays to read blogs!

    As a proud Fargo company, we love showing off our local artists, and we also love seeing our community wearing the locally designed t-shirts! The Downtown Fargo StreetFair is a great opportunity to find that Fargo swag, usually at an unbeatable price. While you’re downtown, be sure to check out the awesome food, entertainment, and merchandise vendors! A huge thank you goes out to the Downtown Community Partnership for all of their work behind the StreetFair production. Hope to see you all there!

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  2. Running and Hiking Trails in Fargo/Moorhead

    We know what you thought upon reading the title. “How are there hiking trails in The Great Plains?” Well, it’s no mountain range but these trails get the heart pumping, endorphins released, and most importantly, they get you outside to enjoy the few months of nice weather we have! Without further ado, here are some popular running and hiking trails throughout the Fargo/Moorhead area!

    Fargo Hiking Courses

    South Fargo to Horace

    This “hiking trail” is 21.9 miles long, and loops from the corner of South University and 40th Ave. South, past Briarwood, along the Red River, and over to Horace before looping back to your starting place. This trail ranges in elevation from 890 to 917 feet. Being from the flatlands of North Dakota, some would say hiking is a bit of a challenge for us because we’re not familiar with the elevation, oxygen level, or whatever it may be. Though this may be a mild hiking trail, it’s another reason to explore the great outdoors and bring a friend, dog, or just some good music to enjoy!


    The Speedwork Loop

    This trail begins off 7th St. South and 2nd Ave. S. in Fargo, going south to the corner of 17th Ave. South and 7th Street, looping back around to 8th St. South to lead you back to Downtown Fargo! Elevation ranges from 890 to 918 feet for a total distance of 2.7 miles. A nice stretch of the legs to break up your day and take in the city that we know and love!

    Fargo Running/Walking Courses

    Fargo-Moorhead has beautifully kept parks and recreational centers that are great for running, walking, and biking! You can make your own running trail anywhere, but these parks are a great resource to enjoy the three months of beautiful weather we’re allowed!


    Trollwood Park

    Located at 3664 Elm Street N., the Trollwood Park course is a great spot to take the dogs for a stroll in beautiful Trollwood. A simple block and a half stretch is a nice way to cool down after a day in the office.

    Fargo Lindenwood Trail

    Lindenwood Park: a place for picnics, bike rides, rollerblading, and running! Located at 1905 Roger Maris Drive, dive into a 15.8 mile run or walk by following the course provided! Lindenwood is an excellent spot to run along Red River, too!


    Gooseberry Mound Park

    Gooseberry park is one of Moorhead’s hidden treasures, located at 100 22nd Ave. S, this park is a wonderful venue for events complete with picnic areas and a playground for kids. The trails, similar to the parks above, are great for any activity, and the peaceful atmosphere will definitely call you back! Before you know it, a run through Gooseberry will be part of your morning routine.

    There are hundreds of trails to be explored in the area. Be sure to check out MapMyRun  to try out a route or to track your own for others to try! With that, get outside and enjoy the little sunshine and warm weather we get! Cheers!

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  3. Little Free Garden – The Founders

    Little Free Garden – The Founders

    “As we grew and got to better know our community, we realized there was a need for connections and conversations around food,” says Little Free Garden co-founder, Megan Myrdal. The Little Free Garden project, as the name implies, is a small garden intended to be publicly-accessible and shared with neighbors, strangers, friends and family alike. With that, allow us to help add to the conversation about these wonderful “Little Free Gardens” and the phenomenal people behind it.

    little free garden - great eco friendly gardens

    “The goals of the Little Free Garden project are to encourage urban food growth, to increase access to healthy food, and to help people connect with their neighbors. We also hope the garden serves as a symbol and reminder that all people deserve the right to fresh, locally-grown food.”  

    In August of 2015, friends Gia Rassier, Megan Myrdal and Jeff Knight shined their light on the conversation of food waste. They did this through an organization called “Ugly Food of the North.” This surfaced the astonishing percentage of “ugly food” that goes unused each year simply because of its unaesthetic-aspect. With that, “nearly 50 million Americans live in food insecure households,” according to Ugly Food of the North (check it out, and discover more about this ambitious group).

    As a creative group of individuals, the conversation didn’t stop there and they saw an opportunity to make a difference in this statistic. Inspired, the “Little Free Garden” project grew! The puns are only semi-intended in this blog, so there are no promises more won’t stem from here.

    "We started thinking about what we could do to address some of these issues, and the idea for Little Free Garden was born."

    Little Free Garden

    You may have seen these decorative, planter boxes throughout this community we know and love. You may have even enjoyed a locally-grown veggie yourself! So, how does Little Free Garden work and where is it available? Questions, meet answers.

    planter box

    Photo from Little Free Garden

    The Little Free Garden Starter kit includes a weather-resistant placard with the Little Free Garden emblem, and a map/booklet that folds out into to a poster; complete with stickers and a registration ID which gives a garden placement on the Little Free Garden map! Make your mark and get your “green thumb” on with the help of Little Free Garden. Want to stay in the loop about all things Little Free Garden? Once purchased, you’re provided access to their Little Free Garden owners Facebook group! Where can you find it? Just a link over! Click here and voila.

    Little Free Garden Starter Kit

    Since the project started in 2016, it has grown tremendously.There’s no surprise to see that the community is behind this project, as they have seen over 100 planted in the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area alone. This is why we love our community, and furthermore why it’s so rewarding to see ideas flourish. If you’d like one of your own, it’s purchasable right on our site as well as at pop-up events around the Fargo-Moorhead area!

    “Our first season started with about 50 gardens, and now we’re almost at 200 gardens in fourteen different states! We’re now in a place where people say ‘I see your gardens everywhere!’ That’s a pretty cool feeling!"

    LFG Map

    The Founders

    Shown below (from left to right) are the makers behind the magic: Megan Myrdal, Gia Rassier, and Jeff Knight. Jeff Knight, known for his unrivaled creativity around the area, is responsible for all of the design work for Ugly Food of the North (UFN) and Little Free Garden (LFG). Since debuting these projects, Jeff has launched his own design agency known as “Cereal.” Oh, and he’s just the start of this rockstar line-up.

    LFG Founders

    Megan Myrdal of Park River, North Dakota graduated from Concordia College in 2009 with a degree in Dietetics and a minor in Communications. Dietetics being an excellent background to have in Megan’s chosen field of interest, we commend her for putting it to great use!

    “Food has always been central to my life. I grew up on a farm and in a family that gardened, cooked, and generally just talked about food a lot. After college I started my career with NDSU Extension in Bismarck, which was an awesome opportunity to understand community-based work and the value of partnerships. I took a break from NDSU Extension to complete my masters, but rejoined with NDSU Extension in Cass County in August of 2018. Like my family, I love to garden, cook and many other food-related things. I also love traveling, music, and spending time enjoying our great local food and brewery scene. I’m your basic millennial!”

    Gia Rassier (middle) of Saint Cloud, Minnesota attended college in Moorhead without an agenda to stay after her college years. “… [B]ut I fell in love with the people and place – and have been here ever since!” Speaking on behalf of the Fargo-Moorhead community, and everyone at FargoStuff, we’re glad she did stay. Thank you for your initiative and creativity!

    “I graduated in 2010 with degrees in Mass Communications, Journalism and Graphic Design. After graduation, I worked at Concordia for four years in the Office of Communication and Marketing – which is where I fell in love with telling stories and building community online. My current job in administration at Dental Care Fargo allows me to work four days a week, while providing lots of creative capacity outside of work for projects like Ugly Food of the North and Little Free Garden. In addition to the typical millennial hobbies (travel, craft beer, music, etc.), I also really love to geocache.”

    The Collaboration

    So, how did Fargo-Moorhead get so lucky to have such ambition people collaborate together on these needed projects? We have Concordia College to thank for that. Gia and Megan met in a Persuasive Communication class at Concordia; “I was a Senior and Gia was a Junior, and we were paired up to work on a semester-long persuasive communications campaign.” Little did that professor know where that random pairing would lead!

    Gia and Megan

    “We were both pretty OCD about getting an “A” and mild overachievers. I think we quickly realized that our work-styles really jived and we also became good friends! Flash forward 7 years, we were roommates and launched a non-profit called Ugly Food of the North.”

    A small team requires many hats worn by few, and Gia and Megan wear them well! As far as carrying out the tasks required of Little Free Garden, there’s a lot of cross-over and collaboration between the two of them. “Our work style is brainstorming, creating a mega to-do list, and then tackling it,” says Megan. “Gia is our creative/content/social media/website guru. I’ll chime in to help brainstorm in those areas, but she really runs the show in that department. I do a lot of general project management, partnerships, communications, and accounting.”

    “Megan is also a rockstar public speaker – and I’d prefer to stay behind-the-scenes. I feel really lucky to have a co-partner whose skills really compliment and balance out my own – it makes 'work' so much more fun.” - Gia

    Gia and Megan’s ambition and dedication to UFN and LFG outside of their day jobs is admirable. Speaking on behalf of this community that they grew to be a large part of, we at FargoStuff especially are proud to work with people like Gia, Megan and Jeff.  We did say they were rockstars, did we not?

    "We recognize that the gardens and the amount of food is small, but what they represent is so much more. It’s a way for people to reconnect with food and with one another. We hope that as the Little Free Garden project spreads, so do the values and ideas that it represents spread, too.”

    We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Gia Rassier and Megan Myrdal for taking time out of their ever-so-busy lives to answer all of our questions about their work, their interests, and their day-to-day lives. Our community is proud and lucky to have members like them  - individuals who see a need and work to fulfill it. We love seeing Little Free Gardens around our neck of the woods, and we are so excited to see it take off beyond our community! Keep on with your creativity, initiative, and award-worthy collaboration. You guys are kind of a big dill. To be fair, we did warn you about the puns! Thanks for weeding, everyone. This week only, take $10 off any FargoStuff t-shirt when you order your own Little Free Garden! Cheers!


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  4. Downtown Fargo Street Fair

    If you have ever visited Fargo, you may remember our vibrant, charismatic downtown atmosphere. Its ghost signs and local shops have you intrigued for hours; not to mention the delicious variety of food offered around every corner. July in Downtown Fargo is a time to celebrate that vibe with the Downtown Fargo Street Fair! And, yours truly has a booth. See you there.

    The Street Fair will take place July 19th – July 21st in the heart of downtown. Expect to see fine art, unique finds, crafts, yummy food, and the love of all things Fargo. The Downtown Fargo Street Fair is a family-friendly event that is anticipated by Fargoans and visitors alike year-round. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the itmes you can expect to see at our FargoStuff booth!

    Apparel (Fargo, Of Course)


    Who doesn't love a little 1871 representation? The love of Fargo's history on a t-shirt with the popular compass design, this shirt was one of our most popular products last year, and we'll be fully stocked for this year! Want it now? We have a link for that. 

    Hats Off to Our Hats Collection!


    Snapbacks and tattoos --- couldn't help myself. But actually, expect to see these beauties at the street fair and check out the different colors and options available! 

    Cheers to Fargo Beers!


    You betcha the beer is cold here! Eat, drink, and be merry while representing your city with one of these glasses! Buy one, two, three or four. We'll have them ready for you.


    Don't fret, Minnesotans. We have a "Beers of MN" bottle cap map for you, as well! We're stocked and loaded for the street fair this year with some of our most popular products. We hope to see you there!

    For the 43rd consecutive year, Fargo’s downtown streets come alive with families, friends, locals, and visitors for a celebration of the city we love. Whether you decide to stop by and shop at our booth, we hope to see our streets full of smiling faces for yet another fun Street Fair. Enjoy the (hopeful) sunshine, music, food, and local goodies for the city we know and love. Cheers!

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  5. Summer in Fargo – Mark Your Calendars!

    There seems to be a negative perception of Fargo in the summer. Allow us to clear the air because there are, in fact, quite a few things to do around our neck of the woods! We may not have a lake in walking distance, but we do have a Family Fun Park, pools, golf courses, an escape room and a trampoline park on the less-than-sunny days, and of course the summertime festivals that we plan around. Need a calendar? We’ve got you. At least for the month of June, we do. We don’t want to overwhelm you with all the Fargo goodness in one post. We’ll save the July happenings for a more suitable time – stay tuned!

    ice cream

    Happy Harry’s RibFest – June 6-9th

    Held in the FARGODOME parking lot, this event truly kicks off the summer with award-winning ribs and entertainment for all ages. Here’s a breakdown:

    • Wednesday, June 6th - Guests are able to enjoy lunch from 11 am – 1 pm with free parking! Games Galore will have entertainment provided for the kids, and starting at 7:15, The Mastersons will kick off the evening as headliners to Steve Earle & The Dukes at 9:00!
    • Thursday, June 7th – Take your coworkers out to lunch between 11 am and 1 pm, and head back over to hear Ultrasound and Stephen Pearcy rock out the evening.
    • Friday, June 8th – Picking up on the trend? Get some ribs for the third day day this week and celebrate Friday! Entertainment? Paradise Kitty to kick off the night, followed by ThundHERstruck at 9:00!
    • Saturday, June 9th – Lunch, door prizes, Penny & Pals, and Games Galore to enjoy with the family, and the one and only Joe Nichols to end the 22nd Happy Harry’s RibFest!

    Restaurant Week – June 7-16th


    New York City began “Restaurant Week” in the 90s, and Fargo welcomed the idea in 2014. With positive feedback, they’re bringing it back for the fourth year! What is “Restaurant Week” exactly? It’s an opportunity for participating restaurants to create menus offered at a discounted price! Take part in the photo contest, check out the participating restaurants, and get your stretchy pants on – it’s go time. Check it out here!

    West Fargo Cruise Night – June 21st

    West Fargo Cruise Night

    Photo from West Fargo Pioneer

    Who doesn’t love gawking over classic cars on a summertime stroll? It’s not the 1950s, but it might as well be on June 21st! Take the family to check out Sheyenne Street in West Fargo, and enjoy a summer evening in Fargo. Read more about it here!

    Scandinavian Hjemkomst & Midwest Viking Festival – June 22-23rd

    Scandinavian Hjemkomst & Viking Festival

    Photo from

    If you’re not a Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo native, I’m willing to bet you read the second word in that title and your brain then skipped over to the word “Viking.” Am I wrong? Being a Scandinavian community, we are obligated to celebrate it accordingly. From 10:00 am to 5:00 pm both Friday and Saturday, come out to the Hjemkomst Center to find the Nordic Marketplace, a Viking Village, and so much more!

    StreetsAlive! – June 24th


    “One day to ditch the cars, grab the kids and get moving!” StreetsAlive! encourages families to get out and get active by taking part in a vast array of activities right downtown. Exhibitors have booths scattered throughout the bike route showcasing different healthy opportunities that their organizations provide. Other booths have fun active play or healthy eating activities; and it wouldn’t be a downtown affair without some local art, food, and goodies. Get involved here

    If these events aren’t quite up your alley, take some time to check out the new ice cream shops downtown! Or, enjoy a day at Thunderroad Family Fun Park. Or, soak up the sun, relax, and enjoy a day at the pool. There’s never a dull moment, and any place is what you make of it. Stays tuned for July and try to keep up with this fun, active community we know and love!


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  6. Three Gift Ideas for Graduates

    April showers bring May flowers, and a plethora of big events. May is a special month that recognizes mothers, graduates, and it also happens to be a pretty popular month for weddings (or leading up to some). Our lives seem to get busier during the month of May, and it can be hard to celebrate those people accordingly with this month presenting all of these events! You may be coaching yourself through this month with reminders like this:

    “I have to pick up flowers for my mom, but she doesn’t like gifts so maybe I’ll just get her a card. But she deserves a small mansion and a personal masseuse, how will flowers and a card suffice?"

    "Okay, my little sister graduates this month. When did that happen? I was just changing her diapers and she still has to go through an awkward phase. We’ve gotta make this the best graduation ever!"

    "I have to get something for all of the weddings I have this summer! What’s a unique gift I can give them to commemorate this special day?”

    May – it’s a month of recognition, preparation, a reintroduction to the sunshine we’ve missed so much, and (we’ll say it) - stress. We want to celebrate these people and these occasions with as much pizazz as we can! Sometimes, it’s hard to think outside the usual “flowers, card, and candle” routine.  This is where your pals at FargoStuff can help you out! Let’s start with your little sister’s graduation, shall we?


    Grad Party Package

    As you may know, FargoStuff has a sister! Well, a sister company, that is – Office Sign Company. A sister company involves two separate businesses that are owned and operated by the same parent. With that, we have the opportunity to do some cross referencing. Similar to how we do with other local businesses, even if they aren’t our sister company. We like to share the Fargo love and all the fun this city has to offer. For this specific blog, however, it’s a perfect time to introduce a package that Office Sign Company is offering for graduation open houses!

    For the first year ever, Office Sign is offering a Grad Party Package to help make your graduate’s open house the best party on the block. This package includes a selfie frame, photobooth props, a personalized return label, open house yard sign, grad banner, and save the date magnets! The best part is these items are all customizable, which makes a great momentum for your graduate. For more information about this package, visit their site!


    Graduate Gifts

    Did you know that National Tassel Day is May 17th? Along with that, are you surprised that there is a national day for a stringy decoration worn on your head? Neither am I. Regardless, there is a more profound meaning to that tassel worn atop of that grad cap. Being able to turn it from right to left is a big moment for graduates. Seeing as how FargoStuff likes to celebrate all the National Days applicable, we’d like to extend an exclusive offer of 10% off the following gift items! Using the promo code GRAD18, shower your graduate with the praise they deserve because they did it; and by jiminy they deserve a little Fargo love!

    The Places You’ll Far-Go, Gift Basket

    Dr. Seuss said it best, “Oh, the places you’ll go!” You probably said this to your graduate when he or she was a baby; you said it to them when they turned their high school graduation tassel, and you’ll say it again when they turn their college graduation tassel. You’ll say it when they make their first big move, take on their first job, and embark on their own journey. The name says it all.


    As a fun way to celebrate them, this gift basket comes complete with the famous “Moscow, London, Paris, Fargo” t-shirt, some local Three Bears Honey, a GO FAR yeti-style travel, mug, and locally produced Twenty Below coffee and Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels. Take 10% off this basket and surprise your graduate with some local goodness.

    Bison Portfolio

    When graduation passes, the real world arises; and if your graduate is looking for an office job, this customizable portfolio will help them look the part! The design displayed includes the Bison logo, as we are licensed to sell NDSU Bison apparel and merchandise, but you’d prefer a different design let us know! Give us a call or send us an email, and we will be happy to walk you through your order with a customized design. Bear in mind, however, we are only licensed to reproduce NDSU’s logo. If you’d like another design, you can count on us. Take 10% off with the promo code GRAD18!


    Bamboo Travel Mug

    Cheers! You graduated! Now it’s time for some regular 8:00 am days rather than your 8:00 am class once a week. Which, we all know what tough to wake up for at that point. Gift your graduate with this Fargo engraved bamboo travel mug so they can start their work day with a hot cup of joe. If you’ve been following the pattern, congrautlations because you can take 10% off of these mugs as well with the promo code GRAD18.


    Congratulate your graduates, celebrate your mothers, and prepare for a plethora of weddings and perfect your dance moves for those receptions. May is a busy month and we wish you the best of luck! Take advantage of these deals, as they will only be valid until Monday, May 28th! Stay tuned for gift ideas to come for those summer weddings. Cheers!

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  7. Fargo Food Trucks to Try This Summer

    Sweet summertime is approaching! Seeing as how Fargo gets a limited amount of time in the upcoming weather, we have to take advantage of all the next few months have to offer: the lake breeze, the smell of hamburgers grilling, and of course the plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy. That being said, take advantage of the delicious food available from our local food trucks this summer! They come out in the late spring and leave us early fall. It’s only necessary to get your fill while you can.

    So, what food trucks are available and where can I get this tasty food? Not to worry, we’ve done our research. With the help of our handy-dandy tool Yelp, here are the top 5 food trucks to try this summer!


    1.)    Taco Bros. Food

    Guess who’s back (back, back, back again)? The one and only, Taco Bros. The hype is nothing to take lightly with these guys. This food truck can be found at 400 Roberts Street in downtown Fargo. They are open Monday through Saturday for two shifts: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, and they’re back at it again for the dinner crowd from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. For the late night crowd? Feel free to stop buy from 1:00 am – 3:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Take-out is even an option for those who may want to work through their lunch shift. Rated 4.5 stars on Yelp, the Taco Brothers don’t disappoint. Give their food truck a visit next time you’re downtown!


    Image from Fargo-Moorhead's 'Foodie Friday'

    2.)    Sliderz


    Image from Fargo Monthy Magazine

    As of May 1st, Sliderz is open for the season! Located outside of Duffy’s Tavern (16 12th St S.), this food truck serves up a mouthwatering variety of sliders to “satisfy your meat tooth,” as No Bull would say. All sliders come with your choice of fries; from sea salt, to Cajun, to parmesan garlic or curly fries, you’ll leave full and happy. Sliderz is open Monday through Saturday! Their lunch shift is from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, but they’re back at it again from 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Similar to Taco Bros, Sliderz is also open on Saturday night from 1:00 am – 3:00 am! We’re all guilty of those late night cravings, are we not? Allow Sliderz to quench the hunger.

    3.)    The Dog Father Mobile Eatery


    Image from The Dog Father Mobile Eatery

    What’s better than the name? The food, of course. Fargo welcomed this Chicago-style food truck with open arms two years ago. They started on a stainless steel cart, and now run out of a busy food truck! Their menu, according to Yelp, includes hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, Polish sausages, and Italian sausages. Take advantage of this delicious food during lunch as they are only open from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Monday through Saturday. With summer comes baseball, and with baseball comes hot dogs. Celebrate the season according with The Dog Father Mobile Eatery!

    4.)    Texas Q BBQ


    Image from Fargo Food Truck Park

    Shoutout to this food truck for bringing a little Southern BBQ to our Northern neck of the woods. Opening soon, this food truck is a must-stop! Located at 409 N. Broadway downtown, they serve up tender brisket, chicken, pork, ribs, and so much more. Give them a follow on Facebook to check out the hours they will be open, and get yourselves some of that Southern love.

    5.)    Jumbo’s Sloppy Joes


    Image from Jumbo's Sloppy Joes

    You may have heard of “Jumbo’s Sloppy Joe Sauce” available in grocery stores. Well, allow us to introduce to you the Mandan, North Dakota business of Jumbo’s Sloppy Joes! This business started in the 1950s when Jumbo Jim offered a sloppy joe dish at his drive-in that left customers hungry for more. Now, we’re happy to have a local food truck to serve us Jim’s excellence! Located downtown Fargo, grab a bite to eat when they’re available! Wednesday through Friday, stop by anytime between 11:00 am – 2:00 pm; Friday and Saturday from 10:00 pm – 2:00 am, or Sunday from 4:00 – 6:00 pm! Is your mouth watering yet?

    Don't say we didn't give you any lunch ideas this summer. Fargo is a fun place in the summer, and thanks to local goodies like those listed above, it makes it all the merrier. Take your lunch break outside, bring a coworker, or bring your whole team! Park it at a picnic table and get all the Vitamin D you can. You may suffer through a food coma that afternoon, but will it be worth it? Absolutely.

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  8. Top 5 “Mom and Pop” Restaurants in Fargo

    Fargo is a funny town. Though it’s classified as the biggest city in North Dakota, there’s an evident “small town” feel about it. With every great “small town” is a great mom and pop restaurant. Word to the wise, Fargo has a very large plethora of restaurants to choose from. We could write one blog post per week about a food joint, and probably have enough content for three years. But, to make things easier on you, we’ve narrowed down the voted favorites.

    I may be biased, but I must say that Fargo doesn’t disappoint when it comes to food. Southerners have their barbeque, but we Northern folk know a good diner when we see one. Based on our research, the following qualify as the top five!

    The Shack


    Photo from

    Don’t let the slight wait keep you from a booth in the cozy Shack on Broadway. The service is top-notch, and the food will draw you back again. Trust us, there’s a reason for the wait. A crowd favorite there is the pancakes! According to a frequent Shack guest, “They have the best pancakes in town. It says so on their menu.” So, it’s gotta be true. Right?

    Mom’s Diner

    If the name doesn’t give it away, we couldn’t not include Mom’s Diner in our top 5 Mom and Pop restaurants. We were always told to appreciate the cooking we got at home before we were on our own, right? Well, if you’re in need of some fresh, hot food, Mom’s Diner is the place for you. The food is made to order and it’s located in the center of town!

    Randy’s Diner

    Alright, let’s get serious. Are you a coffee cake fan? If so, stop what you’re doing and go get yourself a slice from Randy’s Diner. Not in the area? Make a trip because it’s that good. Uff da. A great place to enjoy a breakfast or lunch when family is in town, and you’re bound to find some Bison fans the Sunday following a home game!

    Fryn’ Pan


    Photo from Naseth Construction

    Story time! When Justin Bieber made his grand appearance in the Fargo/Moorhead area two years ago, he snatched a bite at the good ole Fryn’ Pan. Not to say the rest of the mom and pop places pale in comparison because the Biebs chose the Fryn’ Pan, but it’s kind of cool nonetheless. It’s comfort food for the soul and they’ll keep your coffee warm until you’re ready for your ticket.

    Kroll’s Diner


    Photo from The Concordian

    Two words: Shakey Monday. This diner, open 24/7, offers the town’s best shakes. On Monday’s you will receive two of these delicious concoctions for the price of one! Bring your pal, you honey, or your kids to this 50’s themed diner and enjoy a coma-inducing shake that will change your life. Too much? Ehh, shake it off.

    There you have it, five of the best mom and pop restaurants in Fargo to keep your cravings satisfied. Here at FargoStuff, we like to think of ourselves as your regular “Fargo How-To Guide,” so feel free to send over any suggestions you may have, and we’ll do our research to write it up for you! Thanks for reading, and enjoy the sunshine Fargo has recently been graced with. Cheers!


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  9. Go Far with Fargo

    If our company’s name doesn’t give it away, Fargo has a special place in our hearts. From the Midwest Best attitudes to the hard “o’s” that we can’t help but annunciate, we’re all about this city of ours.


    From local sports, to local art, to local fame - Fargo supports all. Not only that, but the members within the community actively look for ways to give back to the community. Whether volunteers are needed, fundraising is needed, or in times of misfortune - you can depend on a Fargoan.

    Businesses in particular set community at a high standard. A solid majority of the businesses within the Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo area have hosted an event, promotion, or auction to help a community-focused organization. Word travels fast in this small city of ours, and lending a hand isn’t hesitated. That, in my opinion, is truly what sets Fargo apart from the rest. But if you’re still not sold, let me reference the experts.


    According to a Livability article from 2016, Fargo was qualified as a Top 100 Best Place to Live due to its “vibrant community and strong economy.” In reference to Heather Johnson, allow us to take you on an economically beneficial (and chilly) stroll through Fargo, North Dakota.


    Have you ever noticed how businesses seem to flourish in this town? It makes you wonder, “Is it the lack of competition?” No. “Is it the fear of starting a business in a metropolis?” Ehh.. not so much! It’s the educated population, according to Heather Johnson. “More than half of the population has completed at least some college, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.” If you think about it, we do live in a tri-college area – all of which specialize in different areas to prepare students for the vast opportunities ahead.

    Now, rumor has it that “There’s nothing to do in Fargo.” Well, take that rumor and throw it out the window. Every city, town, village, or metropolis is what you make of it. And Fargo has just as much fun to offer as the next place! With over 50 gyms, 350 restaurants, several cinemas, museums and shopping centers, and countless outdoor activities, Fargo will keep you entertained. Not sure where to start? Check out this fun app designed to “Go/Do” in the FM area!

    The last subject Heather discussed in her article was the top-notch health care that Fargo has to offer. “Cass County ranks second in clinical care access, according to County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, and third in health behaviors data, with a relatively low level of smoking and obesity.” With two major hospitals (Essentia and Sanford) located throughout the city, Fargo has specialized branches of healthcare to offer our community and more.

    Though we’re a humble community, and a humble state at that, every so often we need to brag about this city we love. Now, we’d like to open the discussion up to you! What is your favorite part about Fargo? How would you convince someone to move here? Let us know on our latest Facebook post for a chance to win a FargoStuff t-shirt! Thanks for reading, and stay warm until Spring has truly sprung. Cheers!


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  10. #FeaturedArtist: Nancy Baier

    An artist of many trades is hard to come by. They work in different mediums, learning the ins and outs of each platform to furthermore push their capabilities. This alone sets them apart - they "march to the beat of their own drum." And, as it turns out, FargoStuff is lucky enough to have this kind of artist right on our site. Without further ado, we are happy to introduce our Featured Artist, Nancy Baier. Read on to learn more about Nancy, her artistic capabilties, and the advice she has to share with up-and-coming artists.


    Aerial View - Nancy Baier


    Woodland - Nancy Baier


    I was born and raised in Michigan – in the Detroit area. Growing up in the ‘60s and ‘70s, our suburb was a small town. Later, I moved farther out, then to the “middle of the mitten,” and now here I am in Fargo, ND.


    Out of the Woods - Nancy Baier


    Moonlight Visitor - Nancy Baier

    As a younger child, I remember loving to color… but what I loved most was blending the crayon colors. Then as a teenager, I found that I could draw things I saw very easily. The sense of proportion and perspective was natural to me. In my 20s, I worked as a technical illustrator and that ability had a tremendous impact on my skills. I made illustrations for technical manuals using everything from blueprints to actual vehicles. It may not sound too exciting but it was truly rewarding to earn my living by drawing! My work was also well-recognized by my peers and superiors which was great motivation.


    Sediment - Nancy Baier


    Island Espcape - Nancy Baier


    The varied landscapes I’ve experienced in traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada have a huge influence on my work, and I find nature to be endlessly inspiring. The natural world permeates my very desire to create.


    Dead Tree Landscape - Nancy Baier


    Distance - Nancy Baier


    Riverside - Nancy Baier


    Trinity - Nancy Baier


    Early on, my primary medium was pen & ink. A little over ten years ago, I began illustrating for rubber stamp companies and independently under the name Shady Tree Studio, LLC. Some of my illustration work can be found here (although my background given on this page has never been accurate!)


    Snow Hare - Nancy Baier


    Seaside - Nancy Baier

    More recently, I discovered other mediums and moved on, marching to the beat of my own drum. Now I work in polymer clay, encaustic wax, printmaking, and have recently begun to learn the art of needle felting. I have a goal to combine fiber work with polymer clay. Stay tuned! Each medium has its own rewards and its own season. Quite literally. I prefer to cure my clay out of doors and in Fargo, in the wintertime, that is somewhat challenging. So I have pursued linocut, drawing, encaustic painting, and now the needle felting, in the meantime. But planning polymer clay projects is never far from mind. It is also exciting being involved in the polymer clay community as this product makes headway toward being more widely accepted as an artistic pursuit. I have been told that it is not typical to work competently with so many art mediums. In some ways, I would like to “settle down” into a specific method and recognizable style. I feel that every exploration is a process of discovery and one step closer to finding my own voice in art.

    "The natural world permeates my very desire to create."


    Botany - Nancy Baier


    Birch Grove - Nancy Baier


    Felix - Nancy Baier


    Fox in the Forest - Nancy Baier


    Purple Flowers - Nancy Baier


    If I have any advice to give someone wishing to pursue art, it would be to consider these components to living creatively:

    1. Observe. The world around you. In detail. The big picture. There is inspiration everywhere.

    2. Skill and talent. You can learn the skills. And you need to tune into your natural talents. Run with it.

    3. Desire. Nurture it. Discover what moves you and why. It will help you find your way.

    4. Discipline. People make time for things that bring them joy. Artists make art, so do it. Set goals. (Easy to say, hard to do. We all have busy lives and this will be your greatest challenge.)

    We'd like to extend a sincere thank you to Nancy Baier for taking the time to give us a look inside her artistic life. Artists like her gift us with enticing visuals, and we love taking every opportunity to highlight our artists. If you'd like to see more of Nancy's work, that otherwise may not be on our site, visit her siteCheck out her artwork we have available to purchase right on FargoStuff - these prints don't disappoint, and they are avaiable on different substrates! Again, thank you to Nancy Baier and cheers to local art!

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