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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. #FeaturedArtist: Nancy Baier

    An artist of many trades is hard to come by. They work in different mediums, learning the ins and outs of each platform to furthermore push their capabilities. This alone sets them apart - they "march to the beat of their own drum." And, as it turns out, FargoStuff is lucky enough to have this kind of artist right on our site. Without further ado, we are happy to introduce our Featured Artist, Nancy Baier. Read on to learn more about Nancy, her artistic capabilties, and the advice she has to share with up-and-coming artists.


    Aerial View - Nancy Baier


    Woodland - Nancy Baier


    I was born and raised in Michigan – in the Detroit area. Growing up in the ‘60s and ‘70s, our suburb was a small town. Later, I moved farther out, then to the “middle of the mitten,” and now here I am in Fargo, ND.


    Out of the Woods - Nancy Baier


    Moonlight Visitor - Nancy Baier

    As a younger child, I remember loving to color… but what I loved most was blending the crayon colors. Then as a teenager, I found that I could draw things I saw very easily. The sense of proportion and perspective was natural to me. In my 20s, I worked as a technical illustrator and that ability had a tremendous impact on my skills. I made illustrations for technical manuals using everything from blueprints to actual vehicles. It may not sound too exciting but it was truly rewarding to earn my living by drawing! My work was also well-recognized by my peers and superiors which was great motivation.


    Sediment - Nancy Baier


    Island Espcape - Nancy Baier


    The varied landscapes I’ve experienced in traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada have a huge influence on my work, and I find nature to be endlessly inspiring. The natural world permeates my very desire to create.


    Dead Tree Landscape - Nancy Baier


    Distance - Nancy Baier


    Riverside - Nancy Baier


    Trinity - Nancy Baier


    Early on, my primary medium was pen & ink. A little over ten years ago, I began illustrating for rubber stamp companies and independently under the name Shady Tree Studio, LLC. Some of my illustration work can be found here (although my background given on this page has never been accurate!)


    Snow Hare - Nancy Baier


    Seaside - Nancy Baier

    More recently, I discovered other mediums and moved on, marching to the beat of my own drum. Now I work in polymer clay, encaustic wax, printmaking, and have recently begun to learn the art of needle felting. I have a goal to combine fiber work with polymer clay. Stay tuned! Each medium has its own rewards and its own season. Quite literally. I prefer to cure my clay out of doors and in Fargo, in the wintertime, that is somewhat challenging. So I have pursued linocut, drawing, encaustic painting, and now the needle felting, in the meantime. But planning polymer clay projects is never far from mind. It is also exciting being involved in the polymer clay community as this product makes headway toward being more widely accepted as an artistic pursuit. I have been told that it is not typical to work competently with so many art mediums. In some ways, I would like to “settle down” into a specific method and recognizable style. I feel that every exploration is a process of discovery and one step closer to finding my own voice in art.

    "The natural world permeates my very desire to create."


    Botany - Nancy Baier


    Birch Grove - Nancy Baier


    Felix - Nancy Baier


    Fox in the Forest - Nancy Baier


    Purple Flowers - Nancy Baier


    If I have any advice to give someone wishing to pursue art, it would be to consider these components to living creatively:

    1. Observe. The world around you. In detail. The big picture. There is inspiration everywhere.

    2. Skill and talent. You can learn the skills. And you need to tune into your natural talents. Run with it.

    3. Desire. Nurture it. Discover what moves you and why. It will help you find your way.

    4. Discipline. People make time for things that bring them joy. Artists make art, so do it. Set goals. (Easy to say, hard to do. We all have busy lives and this will be your greatest challenge.)

    We'd like to extend a sincere thank you to Nancy Baier for taking the time to give us a look inside her artistic life. Artists like her gift us with enticing visuals, and we love taking every opportunity to highlight our artists. If you'd like to see more of Nancy's work, that otherwise may not be on our site, visit her siteCheck out her artwork we have available to purchase right on FargoStuff - these prints don't disappoint, and they are avaiable on different substrates! Again, thank you to Nancy Baier and cheers to local art!

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  2. Spring It On, Fargo!

    Spring is a highly anticipated season around our neck of the woods. With the official spring season “arriving” in less than two weeks, it’s only necessary we prepare you for Spring in Fargo. Here are 5 things to keep in mind as we welcome this season back with open arms!


    Spring begins March 20th, but don’t expect it until about… May

    The official first day of Spring is technically March 20th, but the groundhog saw his shadow so we may not see the snow truly start to melt for a little while yet! We’ve made it to the homestretch, however. Keep in mind: March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb; and we have to get through April showers before we start to see May flowers! Cliché? Maybe. But totally accurate. Moral of the story, May will be a good month!

    Car Washes: The more the merrier

    Spring brings flowers, sunshine, smiles… and a little mud. Not to mention the salt mixed in with the slush. Getting into parent-mode here, but take care of your car and your car will take care of you! That salt will cause rust and that rust will put a damper on your spring vibe.

    Expect to see an influx of short-sleeved tee’s and outside exercise!

    Us North Dakotans and Minnesotans may get a little ahead of ourselves, but 50 degree days and sunshine? Oh man, the summer clothes tote is making its way back into the sunlight. The 6 months of winter are graciously peeled away layer after layer when that first nice day hits. Expect to see everyone and their dog [literally] out and about, smiling and waving with feel good vibes hittin’ you in all directions! Be on guard, though. The Midwest is notorious for its “False Spring,” as my coworker best puts it. “False Spring” is where we go through that first nice day with all those feel goods; we pack up our winter gear, get a carwash, and break out the country tunes (because we all know country and sunshine just go together). Then, the next week we have blizzard. Fret not, spring is coming eventually!


    Day-light savings time – clocks spring forward!

    Thanks to the phone that’s probably in close vicinity, day-light savings isn’t quite as tough as it used to be. As far as manually setting the time forward, that is. Oversleeping, however, is a battle I think we all have to fight. But, day-light savings means more sunlight! Sunlight gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!  

    It’s a short lived season, enjoy the blooming while we have it!

    Spring, much like Fall, comes and goes quicker than we’d like. So enjoy watching spring do its thing right in front of your eyes. We are a fortune area to be able to experience all four seasons – some more extreme than others! But Spring is a special one for us and we’re excited to welcome it back.


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