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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  1. Meet the Line-Up

    We've been anticipating this announcement for a few months now. It took several of our favorite local artists, a few sketches, and a little bit of coffee, but we're happy to annouce that FargoStuff has new inventory! Shirts, to be specific.They made their grand appearance a few weeks ago at the Downtown Fargo Streetfair, and they were already a hit! These shirts are composed of a little bit of NoDak humor, a little bit of Fargo traditions, and a whole lot of Midwestern lingo - made with love, of course. Check them out!

    Brad Clemenson 

    To start out the introduction of our line-up, here are three of our favorite designs from local artist, Brad Clemenson. The "Bison Nodak Est. 1889" tee shows off the North Dakotan icon - the Bison. Though you won't find too many bison East River, we highly recommend seeing one of these beauties up close and taking the family to Medora! It wouldn't hurt to sport a local original, either. As for the popular baseball tee, who wouldn't want to show off the 701 that we know and love? Last in his collection is the light-blue lovely (scroll down). Can you name that bird? Hint: ND's state bird. 




    Hello Cereal

    Jeff Knight of "Hello Cereal" designed the next three of our Fargo Creative line-up. Three iconic symbols for the state of North Dakota grace the front of these shirts: a horse, a prairie dog, and of course, a Western Meadowlark. There's the answer to the last question, by the way. Check them out!



    You know the apparel that starts a conversation? Well, McCal came through with that concept! If you're not a local, you may question the chainsaws pictured on the first image. Our advice to you would be to watch the movie "Fargo," (18 and older please), and then you'll understand. Background behind the ducks: is it "duck, duck, GOOSE," or "duck, duck, GREY DUCK?" You decide. And of course, the roaming herd. We love 'em.


    Nathaniel Navratil

    We think this shirt speaks for itself. Nicely done, Nathaniel. Nicely done.



    With a name like "Punchgut," you're bound to produce some stellar stuff. Punchgut brought a little more Midwest humor to our shelves that we're happy to showcase! 




    Intern Mac

    Last, but certainly not least, is a Fargo original from our very own intern! Mac is only 17 years old, and has already impressed us with his appreciation for all music, creativity, and humor. Check out his Fargo original!


    There you have it! We have more inventory coming very soon. But, for now sport a Fargo original and stay tuned for what's to come. We'd like to extend a huge thank you to our Fargo Creatives for their awesome designs, and we look forward to seeing more of their work! Cheers!

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  2. New Products at the Downtown Fargo StreetFair!

    For the next three days, you can find the faces behind FargoStuff and all the goodies that come with it on the corner of 3rd St. N. and 4 Ave. N. Why? For the Downtown Fargo StreetFair, of course!


    At this year’s StreetFair, you’ll find all of our most popular products offered at great prices. Not only that, but we have brand new inventory to show you! Designed by some of our favorite local artists, be sure to stop by to be one of the firsts to purchase a Fargo original! Below are a few of the products you can find.





    FargoStuff will be at the same spot each day, Thursday through Saturday (19th - 21st)! Our tent opens at 10:00 am each day, closing at 9:00 pm both Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, we’ll be open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Plenty of time to take advantage of our deals and check out our new inventory! And, since you're a loyal customer, we'll give you 15% off your purchase when you come to our tent! All you need to say is "SECRET CODE," and you'll get the discount. See? It pays to read blogs!

    As a proud Fargo company, we love showing off our local artists, and we also love seeing our community wearing the locally designed t-shirts! The Downtown Fargo StreetFair is a great opportunity to find that Fargo swag, usually at an unbeatable price. While you’re downtown, be sure to check out the awesome food, entertainment, and merchandise vendors! A huge thank you goes out to the Downtown Community Partnership for all of their work behind the StreetFair production. Hope to see you all there!

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  3. Running and Hiking Trails in Fargo/Moorhead

    We know what you thought upon reading the title. “How are there hiking trails in The Great Plains?” Well, it’s no mountain range but these trails get the heart pumping, endorphins released, and most importantly, they get you outside to enjoy the few months of nice weather we have! Without further ado, here are some popular running and hiking trails throughout the Fargo/Moorhead area!

    Fargo Hiking Courses

    South Fargo to Horace

    This “hiking trail” is 21.9 miles long, and loops from the corner of South University and 40th Ave. South, past Briarwood, along the Red River, and over to Horace before looping back to your starting place. This trail ranges in elevation from 890 to 917 feet. Being from the flatlands of North Dakota, some would say hiking is a bit of a challenge for us because we’re not familiar with the elevation, oxygen level, or whatever it may be. Though this may be a mild hiking trail, it’s another reason to explore the great outdoors and bring a friend, dog, or just some good music to enjoy!


    The Speedwork Loop

    This trail begins off 7th St. South and 2nd Ave. S. in Fargo, going south to the corner of 17th Ave. South and 7th Street, looping back around to 8th St. South to lead you back to Downtown Fargo! Elevation ranges from 890 to 918 feet for a total distance of 2.7 miles. A nice stretch of the legs to break up your day and take in the city that we know and love!

    Fargo Running/Walking Courses

    Fargo-Moorhead has beautifully kept parks and recreational centers that are great for running, walking, and biking! You can make your own running trail anywhere, but these parks are a great resource to enjoy the three months of beautiful weather we’re allowed!


    Trollwood Park

    Located at 3664 Elm Street N., the Trollwood Park course is a great spot to take the dogs for a stroll in beautiful Trollwood. A simple block and a half stretch is a nice way to cool down after a day in the office.

    Fargo Lindenwood Trail

    Lindenwood Park: a place for picnics, bike rides, rollerblading, and running! Located at 1905 Roger Maris Drive, dive into a 15.8 mile run or walk by following the course provided! Lindenwood is an excellent spot to run along Red River, too!


    Gooseberry Mound Park

    Gooseberry park is one of Moorhead’s hidden treasures, located at 100 22nd Ave. S, this park is a wonderful venue for events complete with picnic areas and a playground for kids. The trails, similar to the parks above, are great for any activity, and the peaceful atmosphere will definitely call you back! Before you know it, a run through Gooseberry will be part of your morning routine.

    There are hundreds of trails to be explored in the area. Be sure to check out MapMyRun  to try out a route or to track your own for others to try! With that, get outside and enjoy the little sunshine and warm weather we get! Cheers!

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