It's not every day we add new products to our inventory, but when we do, it's quite the ordeal. To give you some background on the processes behind "the stuff," the team at FargoStuff meets once a month to go over new ideas (also known as prototypes) for products. Last month, we thought to ourselves, "What can we do to say 'thank you' to our customers?"

When the topic of Fargo-themed magnets came about, there was little time between ideation and creation because we were all pretty pumped about the outcome. After our prototype meeting, we sent our ideas to our artist. Shortly thereafter, she had 13 different magnet designs for us to choose from. Once the team approved, we sent it to our sister company (Office Sign Company) to produce, and the Fargo Magnet collection was born. With that, behold these adorable beauties (one per order) you'll be receiving in every FargoStuff purchase! 


These small, sweet surprises will be tucked in every package shipped from our facility as a token of our appreciation. The best part? This is just the beginning of some exciting new products we will have! In the next few months, expect to see new onesies, socks, scarves, and more. Big things are happening at this little downtown shop, and as always, they're made and packaged with Fargoan love. 


Are you looking at these magnets and wanting one of each? You're not alone. Which is why we've made this product purchasable in a 10-piece set! For only $14.95, you can deck your fridge with all of these darling trinkets. Find them here, and stay tuned for more new products to come from your friends at FargoStuff! #Ope

opeThis "Ope" sweater magnet is not purchasable on FargoStuff - given away at random only!

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