With fall slowly and surely making its imminent departure, we’re dreaming up ways to savor these final days of golden leaves, pumpkins and plaid. This season is short-lived up north, but we’re sharing how to make the most of it before the snow hits the ground.

1.Go leaf peeping. We know the trees are nearly bare, but we’ve seen a tree here and there with nearly fluorescent leaves that are hanging on.

2.Take a hike. Right now is the perfect time to get outside, stretch your legs, breathe in the fresh air and catch some of the previously mentioned golden leaves.

3. Tailgate. We all love the Bison but you know what we love (almost) even more? Tailgating before a big game. So grab your grill and head to the Fargodome with some extra hot dogs.

4. Show off your holiday spirit. It’s never too soon, right?! So hang your Christmas lights before you’ll be slipping on ice and grab your Christmas tree before it’s permanently frosted over.

5. Head downtown on a Sunday. Check out the new Open Sundays initiative going on downtown

6. Start training for a 5k or a 10k. The FM Burn the Bird 5k and 10k are only a few weeks away and well, it’s a whole lot easier to start training before the snow comes.

7. Put together a winter emergency kit. Winter is no joke up north. Make sure you’re prepared!

8. Waterproof your boots. A no brainer, right?!

9. Get your skates sharpened and dust off your snowshoes. Whether we like it or not, winter is coming, so make the most of it by getting all your winter toys ready to go.

10. Get your holiday shopping done! Is it ever fun to rush around on Christmas Eve in -20 degree weather and try finish your Christmas shopping?! The answer is no. Get out there before the snow falls and shop till you drop. And if you miss the mark, we’ve got you covered with free in store pickup and quick shipping.

From all of us at Fargo Stuff, Happy Snow-vember.