If you know us even a little bit, you know how much we love coffee. You could say it’s a pretty serious relationship. Having so many different coffee mugs and travelers on our shelves gives us a great excuse to drink more coffee…..right?

Anyway, we want you to know just how seriously we take our coffee around here. As a native Seattle-ite, I had high expectations for my coffee when I first moved out here, and what I’ve found are coffee shops that rival some of the best coffee shops I’ve ever sipped my morning joe from. The atmosphere of many of the coffee shops around Fargo is warm and cozy with a friendly dose of “North Dakota nice” ...something that Seattle really just can’t boast of. I really can’t pick a favorite, but if I had to, I’d have to say Babb’s Coffee House is really onto something with their Seattle-esque decor. It makes this new midwesterner feel a little closer to home on those days where the mountains feel extra far away.

But to be fair, every coffee shop I’ve been in so far really has something unique to offer...so I figured it only made sense that we would introduce you to our favorite coffee shops around town...that is, if you haven’t already met them.

Twenty Below: Ahhh where to begin, this little slice of heaven is a local favorite and for a very good reason. With a warm, almost candlelight glow setting the mood, you instantly feel a little more relaxed every time you walk into Twenty Below. Not to mention the friendly baristas who somehow always manage to remember your name. With long picnic style tables, cozy couches, bar top seating and additional tables scattered around, this is the perfect spot for just about anyone; be it the businessman preparing for a meeting, the casual coffee date, the studious student or the coffee connoisseur, we think Twenty Below really has it all. And don’t even get us started on their toast….


Youngblood: Right around the corner from Twenty Below, you’ll find Youngblood Coffee Co. Run by one of the sweetest couples you’ll ever meet, the all white walls and decor are perfect for those winter days when it feels like you might never see the sun again. We love the simplicity of this setting and find this to be the perfect spot for creatives seeking a quiet refuge. PS -- their mocha is to die for!!


Babb’s Coffee House: Oh sweet Babb’s. You had me as soon as I walked through your doors and was greeted by a Seattle scene on just about every single wall. With a cozy environment, plenty of seating and a wide array of drinks and meals to choose from, this is the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning. And if you wait for a rainy day, you can really experience the PNW vibe this little spot has to offer. Also, Trader Joe’s lovers rejoice...they have cookie butter coffee syrup. Yum.  


Red Raven Espresso Parlor: Two words: back patio. If you haven’t been to Red Raven, it’s a total must-see. On a warm day, their patio is everyone’s favorite spot and for a very good reason; it gives a cool, city vibe that is sometimes hard to find in the Midwest. On cooler days, head inside for live music, art shows and the occasional home cooked meal. Need we say more?


Bean’s Coffee Bar: Who doesn’t love a cute little (fresh) donut on the lid of their coffee? That’s one thing we’ll never turn down. Not to mention their delicious roast of coffee, convenient locations and drive through...for those days when it’s 30 below and getting out of your car is just not an option.


Red River Coffee Co: Shoutout to my wayyyy south Fargoans, this one’s for you. This neat little spot is the perfect after-school hangout, post workout pick me up or after dinner game zone. With a whole case full of yummy goodies made in house, seating galore, a drive thru and a huge selection of games to choose from this spot is sure to please everyone in the family.


Nichole’s Fine Pastry: If I had a dollar for every time I heard a story about the history of Nichole’s, I might be able to actually finally afford one of their fancy chocolates. This sweet little spot (no pun intended, we promise) is nestled right on the edge of an up and coming part of town and boasts a ton of cute shops right down the sidewalk. We could go on and on about their delicious handmade pastries, their gourmet breakfast and lunch selections and their artfully crafted lattes...but we don’t want to make you start drooling.


Sandy’s Donuts: Here at the Fargo Stuff office, we get Sandy’s Donuts every other Friday. Yeah, we’re spoiled. Though we haven’t tried their coffee….the donuts alone could make Folgers taste like a million bucks.


So there you have it folks! Our roundup of coffee shops in Fargo….we admit, we have a bit of a soft spot for caffeine. Did we miss one? Well, pardon our manners...but I’m still new around here, drop me a line in the comments below with your favorite coffee shop! Stay caffeinated, Fargo.