I’ve been hearing about Giving Hearts Day for months. But it wasn’t until I met Mr. Matchy Matchy last week that I realized how big of a deal this charity event really is. Each year, the Giving Hearts Day campaign raises millions (yes, you read that right) of dollars for North Dakota nonprofits. By giving the community a call to action, Giving Hearts Day has become a wildly successful one-day event.

Last week, we launched our very own Giving Hearts Day campaign with custom made Fargo hearts. We asked customers to simply purchase a $15 handmade, laser engraved heart and then select a charity where they’d like to see that money go. In the last week, we’ve been able to sell 97 hearts (and counting!) and raise a total of $1,455 which will be matched to the sum of $2,910. We’re blown away by the success of something as simple as a little, wooden heart.

Needless to say, we love giving back in ways like this. We love that we have a community of people that rally together for the greater good. Want to get involved? Check out FargoStuff.com and purchase your very own Fargo heart, select your favorite charity from the dropdown menu and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to that charity AND matched. So what are you waiting for?!