Introduction to 2016's Fargo Stuff

My grandfather steadfastly insisted while I was growing up the importance of names. When you meet someone new, learn their name. The second time you see them, call them by their name. Names are important, and I’m not sure you could hit it any more on the nose with ours. Fargo Stuff is exactly what it’s name avows to be... hold on... Yeah, you guessed it! Fargo stuff. :)

What more could you want than a city tucked in the heart of the Midwest, populated with people whose own hearts are somehow some of the warmest even amidst sub zero temperatures during at least ½ of the average year. Not much, that’s fer darn sure. Re-read that last line in your best accent from the 1996 hit classic, Fargo.

yah you betcha

During the genesis of what is now the Fargo Stuff we know, local photographer John Borge used images of four iconic cities: Moscow, London, Paris, and of course - Fargo - to create the poster that introduced this new brand to the area. As John Borge explained, this poster with Fargo juxtaposed against the three major cities additionally “launched a creative look at our very own Fargo.” The store rapidly expanded to include works such as pottery, blown glass, paintings, sculpture, music, and more, all by local and regional artists. In 2010, new owners Jill and Pete Christopher aimed to widen the scope of Fargo Stuff even more by increasing the market outreach of their products.

moscow london paris fargo

Office Sign Company LLC now has the opportunity to continue Fargo Stuff's journey. :)

While our primary function is signage, we have the capabilities with our equipment and the talent of our team to produce some pretty neat Fargo merchandise (If we do say so ourselves). Through the utilization of our own designers, marketing and web development team, and our unique set of production capacities, we are looking forward to incorporating the past of Fargo Stuff with it's future. We're so excited to continue our involvement in this beautiful city, and provide some products to sport our Fargo pride while we're at it.