It should come as no surprise to you that we absolutely adore Fargo. We love this little town, the tight-knit community it continues to grow into and the creativity that continues to be spurred on amongst the residents of Fargo. We try not to play favorites over here, but if we’re honest, we do have a bit of a soft spot for the community of artists that make up Fargo/Moorhead. Maybe it’s because we are our own breed of makers and doers, but we are just drawn to the creativity that lies within this place we get to call home.

Here at Fargo Stuff, we feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to take this support one step further as we collect a variety of pieces from local artists. We have the pleasure to offer original copies, digital prints, photos and more from some of the area's top artists. So what does this look like? Well, let us show you.

On our website, we feature eight unique artists and showcase a collection of their work. This work ranges from original paintings to photographs to jewelry from local makers. With the original artwork and handmade jewelry, you can purchase those specific items outright and with our photographers, you can choose from a selection of their work and have it printed on your choice of substrate.

Silver Poly-metal: Our thinnest material of choice, poly-metal adds a clean, modern touch to any piece. With pointed corners and a shiny finish, poly-metal is great for any one with a more modern taste.

Foam Core: We love foam core for its ability to maintain a certain depth and richness of the colors represented in a photograph. Foam core is also our lightest material available.

Birch Wood: Our thickest and heaviest material available, birch wood is a great choice for keepsake items and gifts. It maintains a more natural look as the wood grain is visible through the printed photo.

Interested in showcasing and selling a collection on Fargo Stuff? We’d be honored to have you. Apply here.