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Trinity by Nancy Baier

$51.11 - $103.06
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"Trinity: The encaustic painting process creates the most beautiful skies. A solid bright blue sky has never moved me as much as clouds of every shape and size. Here they suggest a steady breeze, rustling the petals of three abstractions of Indian paintbrush." 

-Nancy Baier

Nancy Baier, Fargo ND artist inspired by nature, used encaustic paint to capture a beautiful cloudy, breezy day - it's effect mirrored by the ruffled petals of the Indian Paintbrush in the foreground. 

Print measures 24"W x 17"H. Choose from a variety of substrates for your full color printed replica:

  • White Foamcore (3/16" thick): White paper face with foam core for a vibrant depiction of color
  • Maple Wood (3/4" thick): A grain from the wood will run throughout the photo giving it a more natural look
  • Silver Poly-metal (1/8" thick): Silver metal face with a plastic core for a more contemporary, muted look

   Nancy Baier