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Scenic Drive through Beartooth Pass by Bri Lee

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"Over the years, it has become a tradition for my dad and I to take father-daughter trips to Montana. This photo was taken on our most recent adventure." 

-Bri Lee

This photo of Beartooth Pass was taken along the Beartooth Highway—one of the most breathtaking routes to Yellowstone National Park. The 68-mile stretch starts in Red Lodge, Montana, winds into Wyoming, and makes its way back up into Montana through Cooke City and Silver Gate to the northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Print measures 20"W x 16"H and was photographed by local Fargo artist Bri Lee. 

Choose from a variety of substrates for your full color print:

  • White Foamcore (3/16" thick): White paper face with foam core for a vibrant depiction of color
  • Maple Wood (3/4" thick): A grain from the wood will run throughout the photo giving it a more natural look
  • Silver Poly-metal (1/8" thick): Silver metal face with a plastic core for a more contemporary, muted look

   Bri Lee Artwork