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Questions? Call us at (701) 566-2913
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About Fargo Stuff



Fargo Stuff is your one-stop shop for inspired Fargo designs & creations from some of your favorite artists in the Fargo-Moorhead region. It is our mission to provide one-of-a-kind Fargo merchandise to the community that we love so dearly! was originally founded by John Borge in 2006. The original “Four-Cities” image created by John Borge, and applied to a variety of posters, apparel, note cards, and more, was a huge hit and helped the site gain notoriety. In 2010, Borge sold to wife and husband Jill and Pete Christopher. Their vision for the site was to expand upon the already successful apparel & print items, while shifting their market to meet the demands of buyers from both businesses and households. 

In swoops Office Sign Company LLC, a downtown Fargo company that emerged in 2008 as a premier e-commerce sign manufacturer. Ryan Fritz, the CEO & Founder of Office Sign Company, recognized that through our great printers, engravers, and more – not only can we make great signage, but we can make some damn good Fargo merchandise as well! In Summer 2016, was purchased by Office Sign Company LLC, and is now ready to flourish. With seven in-house designers, an expansive marketing and web team, 28,000 square feet of production space, and an unparalleled customer service unit, the new Fargo Stuffis poised to provide our customers with the best shopping experience imaginable. We vow to produce some of the greatest Fargo apparel, art, gifts, and more for an affordable price. 

About Our Parent Company, Office Sign Company