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Be More Colorful from Fargo

Be More Colorful from Fargo ND

Be More Colorful Fargo ND

Matt & Katie Chaussee
Be More Colorful


Artist Name: Matt & Katie Chaussee

Hometown: Fargo (Matt is from Bismarck, Katie is from Harwood. Be More Colorful was founded in the heart of Downtown Fargo).

Art Styles Produced: 360° Spherical Photography

What is your favorite part about Fargo?
We love discovering new spaces to photograph and our chance encounters with new and exciting experiences almost every day!

What is unique about your work?
Each one of our pieces is an immersive scene you can step inside and also visit in person!

What themes do you pursue in your art?
Community Engagement – We love creating content that gets people to want to become involved with their community by experiencing something new.

Educational – There is huge potential for 360° photography and VR content to serve in an educational capacity. We love seeing our work integrated in the classroom.

Cultural/Historical – We love bringing history to life by increasing accessibility and increasing awareness of all the amazing experiences available right in our own backyard!


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