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A Guide to Fargonian Love

A Guide to Fargonian Love

Posted by Addie Long on Sep 16th 2019

We got to that you are all Fargonian saying experts why don’t we help you find the ope to your ‘scuse me, the tatertot to your hotdish, the knoephla to your soup! Well you have to stay warm in this part of the country somehow, you don’t want to be alone when that darn polar vortex comes rolling in again. So to those of us just looking for some good Fargonian loving, complete with lefse, pickle beers and maybe even some puppy chow, we present Fargonian Pick Up Lines:


  1. You better warm my lips up...they might have frostbite
  2. Kiss me if I’m wrong but the Bison aren’t defending national champions, right?
  3. Hey, can I rub some anti-itch cream on your mosquito bites?
  4. Wanna come to my lake this weekend?
  5. Baby you must be the Fargo flood, cause you just swept me off my feet
  6. I wanna check you for ticks
  7. Can I be the tatertot to your hotdish?
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  8. Just saw a car with a headlight out, so paddiddle ;)
  9. Do you work at Scheels? Because you’re sporting the goods!
  10. *Whispers* I have extra tickets to Frisco...
  11. Hey girl, are you Fargo sidewalks in the winter? Because I think I’m falling for you
  12. Wanna be my BOGO on shakey Mondays?
  13. Hey! Need a hand shoveling?
  14. Have you been to Drekker? Because I’d like to buy you a brew and holla about how cute you are!
  15. Ya, I’m the corn hole champion...
  16. Are you from Fargo? I’d like to see how far you’d go
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  17. Ope, it looks like there’s some ranch dressing on my lips
  18. Moorhead DQ & chill?
  19. I love it when you call lunch “dinner”
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  20. I would love to get lost in a cornfield with you
  21. Wanna share some puppy chow?
  22. My hotdish isn’t the only thing that’s tasty
  23. Wanna get a pickle beer?
  24. If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you the Fargo blizzard of 1997
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  25. You look even better in this humidity
  26. I love the way your nose gets pink when it’s 70 below
  27. Wanna wear my mittens?
  28. Jeet yet?
  29. Ope ‘scuse me...I just wanted an excuse to talk to you because I definitely saw you there
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  30. Ope let me sneak...right into your heart
  31. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or did the blizzard block your view of me?
  32. I have heated seats
  33. You don’t need my tractor keys to drive me crazy
  34. Is the sun still shining past 9 PM or did you smile at me?
  35. “You are a smooth smoothie, you know”
  36. I better letcha go...but I don't want to
  37. Roses are red, my face is too, that only happens when I'm around you (or the Fargo wind blew)
  38. Want me to jump start your engine?
  39. Wanna go to mug night? First round’s on me
  40. Do I have pneumonia? Because you give me the chills!
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  41. Wanna come to a potluck with me?
  42. Hey, you need a push?

We hope these pickup lines help you stay just a little warmer than normal this winter. Now remember use them carefully ...Midwestern love takes time, hotdish and some indirect compliments. Tune in to our next blog for some fall first date locations around Fargo!