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Stay Warm {& Caffeinated} Fargo

Posted by Addie Long on Oct 8th 2019

Whether its two weeks or two years, fall has a special place in our hearts in Fargo. The leaves change colors, vests are back in style and warm coffee hits just a little different. You know what we are talking about. That bone-chilling cold day, where you truly don’t want to go outside in the fall crisp air without your coziest fall sweater BUT never fear because you can wrap your hands around your uffda mug filled with warm coffee. Warm coffee that just warms the soul (and provides some much needed caffeine). PLUS there are SO many amazing places to get the coffee we all crave so much. In honor of the seasons changing, we decided to check out a few of the local coffee shops!

Twenty Below Coffee Co.

Located just across the street from the fire department this coffee shop is truly a small slice of heaven. This high-quality coffee shop offers the most unique and tasty coffee pairings from miehl to pour overs. Twenty Below Coffee Co. offers a sense of calm when you walk in the door as many individuals are gathered to create relationships over a mug full of coffee. Not to mention they have some tasty toast and waffles for your consumption as well!

Thunder Coffee

Now this coffee shop might seem like the new kid on the block, but don’t underestimate their espresso abilities! Thunder Coffee has been a mobile business since 2017 and has recently opened their FIRST brick and mortar store. We couldn’t wait to check out their new home and quite frankly we were blown away. From the warm inviting atmosphere to the Thomas Edison bulbs to the smiling faces brewing behind the counter, we felt right at home. We ordered a brown sugar vanilla latte that featured subtle undertones of sugar and still provided the coffee flavor we desperately need each morning. Thunder Coffee has found a great home and we are sure to be repeat customers!

Young Blood Coffee Co.

This coffee shop tucked away in the new ROCO building brings west coast inspired coffee to the Midwest. Now when you enter Young Blood Coffee Co. you will notice there is a vibe of inspiration, creativity and an amazing white minimalist interior. We opted to try the brown sugar latte and let me tell you - we haven’t found much sweeter to warm us up on these chilly fall days. If you’re looking for delicious coffee in a creative environment, Young Blood Coffee Co. is for you!

Atomic Coffee

Admittedly this might be one of our favorite coffee shops in town as quite a few members of our team have worked there. Atomic Coffee is located right in the heart of downtown Fargo, currently with an amazing view of the Block 9 project taking place. When you enter Atomic most notable you will see the art hung on the brick walls communicating the creativity that takes place in this coffee shop. If you choose to sit next to the brick wall take special notice of some of the nooks and crannies - sometimes there are hidden notes left behind for coffee lovers to discover. Some of our Atomic Coffee favorites include their blended coffee drinks (when the sun is shining) and nutty professor coffee with espresso, caramel peanut and mocha. Either way our mug is always full of joy after we leave this Fargo coffee staple.

Third Drop Coffee

A new look for coffee that has warmed our coffee mugs for years. We had to take a stop by the new Third Drop Coffee, a name that reflects the three generations of women serving up some tasty espresso. Third Drop Coffee, formerly Moxie Java, is located in Downtown Fargo and Moorhead. Although they have a new name, the barista assured me you can still get the same great classics that were served before. When you enter either location, yes we drank two coffees in one day, you will notice the white, clean interior and some smiling faces behind the counter. We had to try the new Oat Milk Latte and the Cold Press, both of which are quite delicious!

Babb's Coffee House

A Seattle twist on Fargo coffee. When you enter Babb's Coffee House there is truly a one of an atmosphere that makes us feel a little more sophisticated. Babb's often features live music and plays poetry readings with elements of the Seattle skyline included throughout the coffee shop. Babb's also supports the local arts and displays a variety of artwork throughout the shop - they are usually for sale if you find one that really catches your eye! Our favorite coffee here is the Seattle Toddy provided a little less coffee and a little more Grey's Anatomy vibes. Be sure to stop by Babb's Coffee House for all of your sophisticated (& tasty coffee) needs.

We had a blast touring just a few of the many local coffee shops in the Fargo Moorhead area. Whether it was the caffeine running through our veins or the warm drinks that filled our Fargo Stuff mugs, these shops are definitely worth traveling too even as the temperatures drop later this week! So with that, we end in the most Midwestern way we know how...stay warm Fargo.