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What Hogwarts House is your Fargo Neighborhood?

What Hogwarts House is your Fargo Neighborhood?

Posted by Addie Long on Nov 8th 2019

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic” - Albus Dumbledore. There are many things that we know about Fargo and the neighborhoods that make up this great city. It’s almost as if Fargo has something magical about it complete with distinguishing features one could categorize into houses…. Now we aren’t trying to be the sorting hat or anything but we got to thinking if Fargo were Hogwarts which neighborhood would belong to which house?

 If you live in North Fargo you’re a Gryffindor…

  • Gryffindor's are best known for daring, nerve and chivalry! North siders are courageous against the great Red River that seems to flood every year. You bravely place your sandbags to protect your home just as the lion would protect its own. Gryffindor's also value chivalry which is second nature to North Fargo natives who visit many downtown Fargo restaurants for evenings out with their special someone! Gryffindor's element is fire which is clearly represented through the immense amount of growth seen in the downtown Fargo landscape...I mean have you seen Block 9 coming together! Straight.Fire. North Fargo natives aren’t afraid to take risks in life and are determined in their efforts to promote Fargo as one of the best places to live!

If you live in South Fargo you’re a Hufflepuff…

  • Hufflepuffs are associated with hard work, patience, justice and loyalty. We couldn’t think of a better pairing than south Fargo. South Fargo is home to the business district that has been patient for Fargo’s growth south. South Fargonians have a strong work ethic bringing us West Acres mall and yet still have lots of room for growth and development - characteristics that align with Hufflepuff’s element of earth. South Fargonians are loyal and consistently work hard to continue growing Fargo into the business district it is today!

If you live in Moorhead you’re a Ravenclaw….

  • Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence, creativity, learning and wit! Moorhead has been putting a lot of thought into every aspect of their city. Moorhead natives pride themselves on their creativity and are very proud of their school district. Moorhead High School is home to one of the most creative and talented bands and orchestras in the area. Not to mention Moorhead also boasts three colleges and Rourke Art Museum! Moorhead has set itself apart in intelligence with the newest public solar panel and wind garden - representing Ravenclaw’s element of air! Moorhead and Ravenclaws pride themselves on refining their process to create the best city possible!

If you live in West Fargo you’re a Slytherin….

  • Slytherins are associated with ambition, cunning, leadership and resourcefulness! West Fargonians are being extremely resourceful in their new developments as the city continues to grow welcoming new sites such as the Lights at Sheyenne! This represents the slytherin trait of remaining ambitious as West Fargo continues to develop their downtown district as well. The leadership in West Fargo is very cunning and will no doubt see continued success for years to come! Just like Slytherins, West Fargonians are tactic-driven and looking for new ways to achieve their goals!

No matter what house and neighborhood you are in, we all work together to make the Fargo-Moorhead community almost as magical as Hogwarts (I mean muggles can only do so much)! From North Fargo Gryffindor’s bravery in fighting floods to West Fargo Slytherin’s cunning ability to continue to develop, we couldn’t imagine a more perfect Hogwarts to call home! Now the real question is who has the best quidditch team?

Until next time - stay warm Fargo!