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Rebecca Raber, Fargo ND

Rebbeca Raber - Photographer

Rebecca Raber
Rebecca Raber Photography


Artist Name: Rebecca Raber

Hometown: Bismarck, ND (longtime Fargo resident, but originally from Pisek, ND)

Art Styles Produced: Photography

Who or What is your biggest influence and why?
Beauty itself. There is always something beautiful to just have to be open to seeing it, or looking for it.

Describe your style:
I love travel...color...structure and name it! I love unusual angles, and finding a different perspective for ordinary items.

What role does the artist have in society, as well as the Fargo's culture?
The arts enable us to connect with people from different times and places. The arts help us to recognize beauty in a world that, at times, focuses on ugliness and negativity.