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Scott Seiler Photography

Scott Seiler, Fargo ND


Artist Name: Scott Seiler

Hometown: Fargo, ND (grew up on a ranch in Raleigh, ND, southwest of Bismarck)

Art Styles Produced: Landscape Photography

My dual interests in landscape and architecture stem from a childhood on the rugged, unspoiled prairie of western North Dakota. As a child, I roamed my family's ranch, learning to appreciate the beauty of the prairie and the importance of quiet observation.

Who or What is your biggest influence and why?
My biggest influence is Mother Nature because every day she creates a new scene for me to grasp. No two days are ever the same. I try, the best I can, to capture the moment.

What is unique about your work?
I position my camera to best give a sense of depth and distance. My photographs draw the viewer in with parallel lines. I try and use what's in front of me, whether it's the parallel lines of a barn roof or those of a barb wired fence, to lead the viewer's eye toward the vanishing point, helping to underscore the vastness of the landscape.

What are your favorite quotes related to art?
"Take your broken heart, make it into art."
  - Carrie Fisher

"Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment."
 - Ansel Adams


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